Smart Publishing API

SPA Native SDK

The Fujifilm SPA SDK is a library that you can include in your existing application to enable photo product output through Fujifilm. The SPA SDK gives you access to the most popular items in the Fujifilm catalog available mailed-to-home and pickup in Walmart stores in as little as 1 hour. The SPA SDK is built for iOS and Android mobile devices.

iOS and Android SDKs can be found here.


SPA RESTful API is a modern, stateless API with all of the web services needed to create an order,
including: product catalog and pricing information, store search, file storage and order placement. The SPA RESTful API is best suited for partners with an existing user experience or the desire for a highly customized shopping experience. The SPA RESTful API can be used for both Web and Mobile.

Contact for more information and access to the REST API documentation.